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Autumn designed and created the Mimi Miriam dolls to give her kids custom dolls that they would love.
Her first doll was made for her son and had a pirate theme with a skull and crossbones on the shirt.

After Autumn and her husband adopted their daughter, she created a black mermaid doll with cornrows, as their daughter loved mermaids, and it was impossible to find a mermaid that reflected her.

Their second daughter also loves her custom dolls, especially if they have blue hair or are dressed as an astronaut.
Autumn’s original pattern has evolved over the years; now, the dolls are being used around the world as persona dolls to teach young children about inclusion and diversity.

In this class, you can make your own doll with its unique personality using the exclusive Mimi Miriam doll pattern.

This class will cover a range of skills. The dolls have many small pieces and details, which is what makes them so versatile. You will learn about piecing together concave and convex shapes, how to use interfacing to give your dolls structure, Heat ‘n’ Bond to attach the hair, how to sew curves, hand embroider the face, and many other basic skills.

The cost of this class includes two kits, one for the studio and one to take home, lots of fabric scraps, and fat quarters, sewing machines, all additional notions, and snacks and drinks…

Autumn Lapour is based in Portland, Oregon
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Duration: 24th and 25th June 2023. 10-5pm