Below is an example of a standard contract agreement that will be sent after your initial consultation via PDF:


Contract for Custom Services- Papermaple Studio LLC

321 Burgundy Street, Suite 12/13
New Orleans LA, 70112

Designer: Leisa Stanton


Client Information:


Cell Number:


This contract is signed after an initial consultation of a client project and is used to signify commencement of said project as detailed below:


1) Design Specifications:

a) Full description -
b) Materials to be included -
c) Timeline -


2) Pricing:

The full cost of the described item will be $______


This price includes a full consultation, where together we have decided on all the specifications as detailed above. It will include a meeting where client measurements will be taken (either in person or by zoom) and a first toile (muslin) mock up of the agreed garment. If necessary, a second test fitting shall be included by mutual agreement. Subsequent fittings will be set and highlighted above.

Bridal wear includes a full consultation, client measurements, and three to five fittings.

Based on the measurements taken at your Initial Consultation, we will either create a muslin (toile) or make a custom dress form dependent on the complexity of the garment, the time frame and your availability.

At our first fitting, we will be fine tuning the basic muslin, refining the fit and editing the details.

A second test garment will then be created and another fitting will be necessary before any fabric is cut.

Generally, at least one more fitting is required before finishings commence, for Bridal we ask that a final fitting be scheduled six to eight weeks before the ceremony if possible, so any fit adjustments can be altered by the studio.

If a client requests extensive design changes, the final price may be adjusted to reflect such changes.


Bi-weekly updates are provided via email, and will include deadline confirmations, and pictures.

Shipping costs for toiles (muslins) and final garments are not included, and will be covered by the client unless by prior agreement.

The price stated does not include changes to the design, fabric choices, number of items to be delivered, additional features, or embellishments after the initial design specifications are agreed upon and this contract signed.

If changes are to be made, an additional $100 per hour will be charged, if there is sufficient time in the design and delivery deadline.

Papermaple Studio is responsible for delivering a well fitting, bespoke garment to the best of their abilities. If a noticeable change in design, fabric or a client's measurements occur during the process, alterations are not included in the price but can be accommodated at an additional cost.

Any rush services require an additional 15%, but please note that delivery dates changes may not be possible, as we are often booked for months in advance.

As our schedule usually has long lead times, your place can only be confirmed once we receive a 10% deposit or 20% on bridal. We work on a first come, first served deposit paid basis, and your initial deposit counts towards the total cost of your commission, with a full deposit of 50% payable before the commencement of work. Initial deposit counts towards full deposit.

Payment of the deposit will confirm your acceptance of these terms and conditions, the deposit is non-refundable once paid.

Papermaple Studio is under no obligation to commence work on any item until we receive both the 50% deposit and the signed contract. (Plus materials if you are providing them)

3) Terms of Payment:

A non refundable deposit of 50% is required at the beginning of a project, and a final payment is due before shipping or delivery of said items.

If the garment has a long lead time, is of a complicated design or Bridal, we are happy to work with you and create an installment plan of 3 - 10 payments.

Papermaple will set up and mail an invoice which will require payment by return either by following the link provided, or by using Zelle, PayPal or Venmo. Local clients can also pay with cash (with a full signed receipt given at time of payment)

4) Timeline and Delivery:

Papermaple Studio guarantees delivery of the items stated above. Delivey is usually within 60 days but potentially during Bridal Season, this can extend to 90 days. Rush ordering is available by prior agrement and will incur an additonal fee of 15% of the final price.

The client must be available for taking measurements, fitting sessions and for discussions for any work either in person or by Zoom, within five days of a request to guarantee an agreed timeline.

If a client is not able to make an appointment, the dates can be changed by mutual agreement.

If the client does not show up for an agreed appointment, an additional charge of $250 will be added and Papermaple Studio will no longer guarantee the timeline above.


5) Patterns:

Patterns created by Leisa for the customer are the property of the studio and are not for sale. Patterns are kept on file, and if you wish to order another garment made with the exact same pattern, a 30% discount will apply to that order, as long as no changes are to be made.


6) Materials:

At the initial consultation, fabrics and embellishments will be discussed. Luxurious, high quality materials are usually sourced by Leisa at the clients request and are part of the service.

Should you like to be more involved, we can accompany you to Promenade Fabrics in New Orleans at $75 per hour to help you find the perfect fabrics, or set up a Zoom call to select Fabric Stores in NYC.

Any long distance clients will be sent swatches and sketches for final approval before a project begins.

Where you intend to supply materials, it is your responsibility to discuss with us their suitability for the intended garment. If you insist on a fabric that is inappropriate for the design in our opinion, we will not guarantee the final result.

If you are providing fabric, you must supply the minimum required as discussed, any large excess pieces will be returned to you with the finished garment.

Any leftover fabric provided by us for your garment remains our property, and you will not be charged.


7) Garment Care, Repairs and Alterations:

Once you have received your finished garment, they are your responsibility. If in future, your garment requires modifications, alterations or repairs (due to wear and tear or damage) we will be happy to assist at our hourly rate. If any damage occurs to your garment as a result of our error, it will be repaired free of charge, at our discretion. Every care is taken to ensure that your garment(s) is of the highest quality. Please treat it with care, and understand that as a garment is used, it will not remain in pristine condition forever.


8) Acknowledgement:

I, (client name) have understood and accepted the terms and conditions as stated above. Papermaple Studio (Leisa Stanton/ Designer) is responsible to deliver the promised goods at the agreed time and in the agreed manner as outlined above, and will treat all information given by the client confidentiality.



Signature & Date _______________ Signature & Date _______________