Our Process


Couture is a luxurious endeavor, an investment in both your time and your money.

Items made in house at our Atelier are designed to last a lifetime, and be passed onto future generations.  

We strive to create pieces that are sustainable, by using deadstock fabrics and zero waste practices where possible, we train locally and sew in house. 

We believe deeply in the process of Slow Fashion in a world that is driven with disposable clothing.  We hope you will join us in creating something that is designed just for you by you. 


Initial Consultation


We like to begin our client relationships with either a visit to our French Quarter Atelier for an in-person consultation or we will schedule a Zoom call where we will discuss your vision at length.

We love to collaborate, and often find that clients fall into two categories, those that have tried on multiple garments, and have yet to find the one they love OR those that have an exact vision, and are hoping to bring it to life 

As our Atelier is both a full time working Couture house and a Teaching / Sewing Studio, we have samples on site of past and new works in progress that you can view while you are with us.  We find they sometimes help solidify an idea or thought, and inspire. 


Design Process and Fittings

Based on the measurements taken at your Initial Consultation, we will either create a muslin (toile) or a custom dress form dependent on the complexity of the garment, the time frame and your availability.

At our first fitting, we will be fine tuning the basic muslin, refining the fit and editing the details.

A second test garment will then be created and another fitting will be necessary before any fabric is cut.

Generally, at least one more fitting is required before finishings commence but for more complex garments, there can be up to five fittings total. For Bridal Clients, we ask that a final fitting be scheduled six to eight weeks before the ceremony if possible, so any fit adjustments can be altered by the studio.

For long distance fittings, measurements will be supplied by the client. Your pattern will then be made based on the measurements you have provided. We will mail a toile (muslin) based on those measurements and arrange a Zoom with you for futher fittings online.

If a client requests extensive design changes once a garment has been started, the final price may be adjusted to reflect such changes.




For further information, please email or call/text Leisa at: Hello@papermaplestudio.com

Cell: 504 491 8607